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Hello and a warm welcome! I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by. I’m Zoe Jepson, a coach and facilitator with an extensive 25-year journey of empowering individuals and teams across diverse industries. From guiding clients in the FTSE 100 to nurturing smaller groups, my passion lies in helping you unlock your fullest potential.


With a seasoned background, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. My journey has spanned a variety of industries, enriching my toolkit with valuable insights. Whether you’re an individual seeking personal growth or a team navigating complex dynamics, I’m here to support your journey.


As a coach, I have a knack for delving into leaders’ motivations and values. My focus is clear: to elevate your authenticity and success in any context. Through cultivating positive relationships and equipping you with strategies tailored to your challenges, I aim to bolster your self-confidence and unleash your capabilities.


Team dynamics are at the heart of successful organisations. I specialize in optimising these dynamics, helping teams overcome hurdles and reach their full potential. By instilling impactful behaviors and practices, we can ignite collective excellence.


My practice is backed by a master’s degree in coaching and a toolkit of powerful psychological coaching tools. From Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) to Emergenetics, Team Emotional Intelligence, and Positive Psychology, I’m well-equipped to guide you through transformative change.


I’m an advocate for positive mental health and fostering Conversational Intelligence within organisations. These aspects not only enrich your professional life but also have a profound impact on personal growth.


Your Journey Starts Here!

Take that first step toward unlocking your potential – reach out, and let’s start this journey together.


Warm regards,

Zoe Jepson

Executive Coach, Zoe Jepson Collaborative Change


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"I was the ultimate sceptic of coaching and all things similar. 5 sessions in and I wish I had started this journey many years ago. Zoë has challenged my mind set on so many angles, taking a doubting senior director and reinvigorating a passion for success, determination and getting the buzz back. One phrase ... from tears to triumph."
image of Deb Hardy business woman

Deb Hardy

- Finance Director, Yusen Logistics (UK) Ltd

"Zoë is a highly trained, and amazing leadership coach who I cannot recommend enough! Zoë has helped me to re-focus and re-frame my goals, which is enabled me to evaluate what direction to move forward in, for greater personal fulfilment. For me personally this has been the best and most useful training in my professional career."

image of Nigel Hewson business man

Nigel Hewson

- Experience Director, The Bio Agency.

"I went to Zoë because I wanted clarity about my professional life. I came away with that and so much more. Zoë established a coaching relationship where I felt completely at ease, respected, heard and understood. I learnt processes and strategies for dealing with challenging situations – coaching like this should come as part of every school leader’s remuneration package - if it did, we would have an army of school leaders who were creative, inspired, effective and happy!"

Sally MacDonald

- HeadTeacher, Greythorne Primary School