Hi I’m Zoe, Executive and Team Coach and Owner of Zoe Jepson Collaborative Change.

As someone who wanted to improve my confidence and capability, I became interested in coaching and personal development.

Over the last 25 years this interest has completely transformed my life and through it I would like to help you transform yours too.


Where It All Began


I started working in regeneration of urban spaces and cities and within this role I needed to tackle challenges at work with lots of different groups, teams and organisations with competing goals and agendas.

I wanted to enable them to communicate and work together effectively and inspire them to make a more positive impact, in order to achieve better results.

This in effect was when my coaching career was born.

So How Does This Translate To You?

How Can I Help You?


Over the last 10 years of running my own executive coaching and personal development business, I have transformed the professional and personal lives of 100s of leaders, teams, and companies. I can do this for you too, by taking the time to find out about your purpose, goals, and challenges and then by developing tailored courses, programmes and solutions to your situation.



What Do You Want? What Do You Want To Be Different


  • Do you want to feel less overwhelmed?
  • Do you want to feel more confident and capable?
  • Do you want strategies that will stay with you and help you go further in your role?
  • Do you want to improve your work and home life balance?


woman with face in hands stressed with too much work

How Do I Work? What Can I Do For You?


I will work in partnership with you, to build a strong trusting relationship that will allow us together, to fully explore and achieve your potential, your team’s potential and your companies’ potential. My approach is down to earth and tailored to you to enable you and your team to work compassionately, positively, productively, and effectively together. You can trust that my coaching knowledge and experience is underpinned by the most up to date research, theory and practice from neuroscience, phsychology, and coaching methods.


Zoe Jepson executive coach working in a coaching session


What Qualifies Me To Be Able To Coach You And Your Team?


As well as 25 years of personal experience I have gained a whole host of academic qualifications:

  • PG Cert in Business and Personal Coaching
  • MA in Coaching Learning and Development
  • I’m an NCP Accredited Coach Supervisor and member of the International Coaching Federation
  • My research on Coaching Supervision was presented at the 4th European Mentoring and Council Research Conference in Paris 2014, and is published in Coaching: An International Journal of Theory Research and Practice

Whether you are just one person looking to become your best self or you are a leader of a team or company wanting to inspire your employees to achieve greater things, I have the experience, tools, courses and programmes to enable you to do it all. Why not take a more in depth look at my courses and programmes now.


  • Connectedness

    We’re all part of a system, and can’t succeed on our own. To progress we need to understand the impact we have, the contribution we make, build strong relationships and fully engage.

  • Compassion

    When we remove threat and judgement, we do our best work. Great leaders work with emotional intelligence, put people before processes, are self-aware and aware of others.

  • Courage

    Courage is about creating openness, being authentic, overcoming fears, having the confidence to say what needs to be said, having powerful and constructive conversations.

  • Choice

    The only thing you have control over is yourself. You have the freedom to choose your thoughts, feelings, and responses. Choose your ‘best self’ and position yourself for success.

  • Strength

    Strength comes from diversity of thought and ideas. Valuing and utilising your strengths, and the strengths of others, improves confidence, creativity, happiness and potential.

  • Purpose

    In a busy world you need to know what matters. Doing what you love, with passion and conviction and knowing what you stand for.

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"My time with Zoë has had a significant impact on my work as a headteacher. Through her very personable yet challenging approach, she has enabled me to discover new ways of managing situations, enabled me to find solutions to problems I had hit a dead end with, and helped me reflect on how to be a better leader whilst managing my work/life balance."

Pete Wilkes

- Headteacher, Cotgrave Candleby Lane School.

I have gained so much from my sessions with Zoe. I felt immediately at ease and each session flew by. I feel quite different as a result of working with Zoe, she has helped me to reflect on how I feel and how I deal with different situations. We worked together, strengthening my self-belief and confidence with regard to leadership within my role. Zoe has certainly helped me to recognise things within myself that I had never noticed before whilst also giving me strategies to deal with certain thoughts and situations. I often think back to our sessions when I am dealing with both personal and work situations, Zoe's support reaches beyond the sessions we have had together.

Cath Wilkes English Lead Practitioner for the Flying High Partnership

Cath Wilkes

English Lead Practitioner for the Flying High Trust Partnership

"I really enjoyed the coaching sessions with Zoe, she helped me recognise a lot of the barriers I had built up and techniques to help me overcome them and be more positive in the future. Thank you!"

Mark Hallam

- Head of Products, Swinton Group Ltd.