Personalised One To One Coaching Tailored To You

You’re are ambitious, motivated and want to get the best from yourself and your team.

What's Challenging You Right Now?

  1. Are you putting in long hours and still not making headway?
  2. Are inter-personal conflicts causing disruption and affecting morale?
  3. Do meetings often feel unproductive and a waste of time?
  4. Are you bombarded by emails and work demands that you can’t cope with?
  5. Do you have time or headspace to think about the bigger picture?
  6. Are you spending so much time at work you don’t have time to recharge and enjoy life

In personalised one to one coaching sessions with me, we will go through an exploration of who you are, where you’re coming from and where you want to go using the latest neuroscience thinking, working with your whole body and mind to change your outlook and behaviours and help you gain control of all of these challenges.

Individual Coaching Can Help You To:

  1. Develop your self-awareness
  2. Gain confidence
  3. Understand your strengths and abilities
  4. Increase your capability
  5. Develop real effectiveness
  6. Manage energy levels
  7. Achieve the best for yourself and others
  8. Make you feel more connected
  9. Help you to prioritise and achieve clear direction

What next

two women in a business meeting


Hopefully you feel like you would like to take things a stage further and that you would like to talk to me to find out if I fit with you and whether we can work together? So Let’s start a conversation –

One of the best ways to do this is through a Chemistry Call :- A diarised half hour telephone call, where we can talk to each other to see if we can connect with each other and maybe, moving forward, work with each other. If you would like to book a FREE Chemistry Call just click the button below and book your time and date to suit you so you can find out more about me, what I do and most importantly what I can do for you.

If you would prefer to arrange a face to face meeting to discuss in depth, your needs and my capabilities, contact me by clicking here to arrange a free fully confidential no obligation discussion.

Team Coaching


The pace, demands and complexity of work-life are increasing. Teams that have high Emotional Intelligence work effectively, make smart decisions and maximise the talent of each individual, as well as harnessing the power of the collective.

Some of the challenges you might be facing in your team are a lack of trust, fear of raising important issues, disengagement, constant change, ineffective decision making and a lack of clarity or purpose.

How Can I Help You & Your Team?

My role is to work with you and your team to help you learn how to navigate challenges better. I’m accredited in the Team Emotional Intelligence Survey which provides you and your team with clear areas of focus.  Research shows Emotionally Intelligent Teams gain 25% in performance.  Team leaders need to access not only their head but the wisdom of their heart and gut too. Team leaders who do this have greater capacity to:-

  • Be Creative
  • Be Intuitive
  • Have Self-Motivation
  • Be More Resilient
  • Have Compassion
  • Take Risks
  • Set Strategy
  • Develop Trust
  • Inspire Others
  • Lead With Emotional Intelligence
  • Be Better At Problem Solving
  • Be Emotionally Agile
  • See The Bigger Picture
  • Create Change
  • Have Greater Self Awareness
  • Be More Aware Of Others

You’re are ambitious, motivated and want to get the best from yourself and your team.

Benefits of A Trusting Team Culture

Creating successful team and organisational cultures starts at an individual level.  These cultures are created through the quality of our thinking, the quality of the relationships we build with others and the quality of conversations
When individuals in teams and organisations are positive and work from a position of trust, ease, and compassion we can access the highest human potential to create extraordinary organisational cultures.
We have the potential to re-programme our brains and change our brain chemistry to become more positive and therefore enhance performance and effectiveness.   We can’t access our executive brain or highest order brain if we don’t create trust but when this does happen within a team we see

  1. A clear and true picture of what’s really going on
  2. Increased engagement
  3. Awareness of key strengths
  4. Openness and diversity of thinking
  5. Courage to challenge unhelpful dynamics
  6. Ability to learn from past mistakes
  7. Collective ability to make robust and sound decisions

The Benefits Of Developing An Organisation Wide Culture

Using methods in Emotional Intelligence, I work with you, your team and your organisation to enable you to spot unhelpful patterns of behaviour which no longer serve you. I help you to develop a positive mind-set to see possibilities and opportunities for growth. I will show you how to navigate the demands and complexity of working life to develop your emotional agility and resilience which will allow you to lead from a positive compassionate place of trust. I evaluate the quality of your relationships and the quality of conversations within the team to build trust and create open conversations. My ultimate goal being to develop strong team emotional intelligence Norms (behaviours) that continue in the long term.

From this standpoint your organisation will have:


  • Strategic alignment and clarity of purpose and direction
  • Better retainment and ability to attract the best talent
  • A competitive advantage by enabling teams to add value through innovation

You are committed to realising the potential of your workforce, and want learning and development solutions which create lasting impact, progression for your staff, and return on investment for your organisation.

I design and deliver a range of engaging, challenging, and innovative workshops. Each course is interactive, highly practical, and underpinned by the latest thinking from neuroscience and psychology. The learner is at the heart of the process, with a focus on developing self-awareness, building personal accountability, growing confidence and capability, making firm commitments to action, and developing tools to take back in the workplace.

All programmes are bespoke, and I work in partnership with you to understand your needs and target audience. Courses can be run as bite-sized sessions, over a day, or several days depending on your desired outcomes.

Topics include: Talent & Leadership, Emotional intelligence, Influencing, Coaching, Creating Accountability.

Emotional Intelligence

Challenging Conversations

Creating Accountability

Decades of research now point to Emotional Intelligence being the critical factor in setting star performs apart from the rest of the pack. 90% of top performers are high in EQ, and 58% of EQ is responsible for job performance. This workshop explains the five pillars of Emotional Intelligence, and provides pratical tips to improve Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

Open and clear communication are essential for building strong relationships and productive workplaces. All too often we avoid difficult conversations and fail to address the elephant in the room, leading to frustration, resentment and unproductive behaviours. This workshop provides you with the courage to manage conflicts, voice concerns, and maintain good relationships. During the session you will also plan and practice your conversation using the Challenging Conversations Thinking Framework.

Accountability in the workplace is at the heart of creating high performing teams and organisations. The quality of our thinking affects the way we feel and behaviours. When we have low quality thinking we lose our personal accountability, we become powerless. When we have higher quality thinking we make things happen. This practical interactive workshop introduces simple tools you can use to build accountability for yourself and for your teams.

Session outcomes:

  1. Develop self-awareness
  2. Overcome blocks and barriers
  3. Mange stress and build resilience
  4. Adapt your style to get the best from others
  5. Increase engagement and motivation

Session outcomes:

  1. develop clear communication tools
  2. how to manage emotions
  3. handle conflict effectively
  4. give feedback assertively
  5. how to structure a challenging conversation

Session outcomes:

  1. How to operate at your best
  2. Model accountable behaviours
  3. Improve accountability in your team
  4. Increase motivation and purpose
  5. Create better results and get things done


Programs and workshops are tailored to your requirements.

Contact me by clicking here to arrange a free fully confidential no obligation discussion.

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"I have attended three group sessions with Zoë in the last 9 months, all of which have been invaluable. What really stood out for me was Zoë's fantastic ability to engage with and open up the groups perspectives - guiding our personal development. I have seen a tangible benefit from interacting with Zoë, both professionally and personally and would highly recommend her"

Image of Tim Cordless Business Man

Tim Corless

- Graduate Finance Trainee, Close Brothers.

"Zoe's approach allows her to foster a great amount of trust and honesty in her sessions.  She wonderfully facilitates the group to help people reflect upon their own practices and tendencies in a non threatening, non judgemental but introspective manner.  Thank you so much, Zoe.  I hope to work with you many times in the future to develop myself further.

Image of Laura Wookey The Flying High Trust

Laura Wookey

Flying High Trust

"Zoë is an extremely professional and engaging coach. She is creative and thorough in the design element of her role, and has a real skill in understanding what our clients require. She is great to work with and is a fundamental member of our team".

Jonathan Stanger

- Founder and Director, Raise the Bar Ltd.